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I had a child out of wedlock. Me and the father decided to get married. I was raised baptist but went to catholic school. So I follow the Catholic faith. My husband is a born and raised catholic. We have been together now for six years and have always wanted to be recognized by the church. We were told by many people that it would be impossible for use to marry in the church because of the way we live and because we do not attend church regularly. i confessed my sins and i know God has forgiven me. i just want to know if it is still possible to be married and what would we have to do so we can be recognized by the church.

Thank You!


I greatly feel for your situation.  I encourage you to go to your local parish and speak with the priest, who can give you guidance and council in this matter.

I will say this: It certainly isn't impossible for you to get married in the church (i.e., to be sacramentally married)!  No amount of previous sin can disqualify you from access to the sacraments so long as your current disposition is one of repentance and contrition.  It is still possible, you simply have to be willing to be married in the church.  Please contact your local priest or parish office for more intimate help with this matter!

-J.M.J. West


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