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Dear Brother,

My dog is "extremely old" for his large breed according to our vet, and has congestive heart failure and hip pain, which we are treating to the best of our abilities with medicine. He seems comfortable although he is quite deaf and sleeps more than he did when he was young, but he still finds great enjoyment in things.

My thoughts now turn to the time when he will leave us, and I can't imagine never seeing my beloved border collie again.  If I go to heaven, will I meet my dog?  What do Catholics believe?  He is my best friend and seems to think an awful lot like a person would sometimes although I know he really doesn't think that way 95% of the time; in other words, I know he's not a person, but he's a wonderful creature God made.

Thank you for your time.  I am sure that you have answered this question before.



dear Jennifer,

What we do know:

Animals and plants have material souls. People have spiritual souls. People alone have intellect and will (the principles of the soul) and are made for union with God in Heaven. Animals are not. Animal souls do not persist after bodily death.

What we do not know:
We do not know what the new Heaven and new Earth will be like. We do not know if the mention of animals is literal or figurative. We do not know if these animals will be like animals we know or some other type of creature entirely. We do not know if God will "reconsistute" animals we have known in our lives.

I personally do not believe this is what is meant by the new Heaven and new Earth. Animals are not people. Yes, we love them and get attached to them, but we should not give animals the love due only to people and to God.



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