I don't go to church as much as I should, but now I'm an adult and have a three year old son called Henry I try to take him as much as I can when my shifts allow.

I think it was mentioned in a mass recently about pride and it being one of the deadly sins. Although I knew that previously, it got me thinking why.

For me pride is a good thing. In my younger days in the army I wanted to look good on parade due to pride. It was pride and fear of failure that kept me going on route marches when I was tired and had to lug a heavy backpack around a training area.

I'm now a policeman and its pride that stops me falling asleep during night shifts and its the reason that I want to keep my paperwork out to date etc.

So why is pride considered to be a sin? I probably knew the answer when I was a kid, but its been bugging me for a few days now!


Mark Smith

The meaning assigned to Pride is going to determine whether or not it is to be considered one of the seven deadly sins.

The term "Pride" is often used interchangeably with the term "Hubris" Used in this sense it refers to an unhealthy, exaggerated and inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishments. This is psychologically unhealthy because it is a form of arrogance.  It is sinful because it leads to a false sense of security in one's spiritual life.  One starts relying on one's own powers instead of that of God.  In this sense, Pride becomes self-centered.  

Used in a positive sense Pride means a satisfied sense of attachment towards the choices one has made or a group of people one identifies with.  When you talked about your work as a policeman you were using the word in this sense.  This is not sinful.  In fact this is healthy.  Here you know who you are and what you represent.  In other words this sense of pride is other centered because it is not only concerned with your work as a policeman, but those you work with.  You want to make your team look good, not just yourself.  

Saint Augustine defined Pride as "The love of one's own excellence."  I might suggest it can be defined as "Faith in one's own excellence."  Again, in this sense Pride is sinful precisely because it directs our hearts away from God onto self and the accomplishments of self. Whenever we put our Faith in self as opposed to God we are not living the life of God and cannot be saved.  That is why Pride is one of the deadly sins. I causes us to forget that we depend on God for everything, and that our lives are meant to be a reflection of the Glory of God, not our own glory.  


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