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how long can baptism be delayed in lets say mission territories before it becomes permissible for a lay person to baptize (ie you are so isolated and there are no priests around for lets say 2 months and there is no emergency but no priest is expected to come around, should you wait until a death bed baptism?)

Also how long may a family delay baptism before it becomes sinful (I assume that waiting two weeks so that family and friends can attend and bring gifts isn't sinful, though I am aware that baptism can be done immediately after birth and should be done immediately in danger of death.)

What would the rule of thumb be in these cases?

The laity may baptize only in danger of death, and then only when there is no priest present.  To do otherwise is Mortally Sinful.  In certain mission districts, catechists or trustworthy lay persons have been designated to baptize outside the case of necessity.

In the ordinary cases, a delay of a month or two is acceptable.  Check with your traditional Catholic priest for advice in this, as in all cases.


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