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This might seem like an unusual question, but it has been plaguing me for nearly 20 years.

I am a Roman Catholic since birth.  About 20 years ago my then-husband and I emerged from the home of my parents with whom we were living for our usual evening stroll.  We found an egg yolk fully in-tact on our front porch - no shell to be seen.  My husband was Irish and he grew up in rural Ireland when egg magick was performed to ruin crops and such.  He thought this was something similar although we were now in very urban and urbane Chicago, USA.  He felt if he removed it from the porch (with a small shovel) all would be well and so he did; we thought no more about it.  I have no idea who would have done such a thing or why.

What followed and still does to this day, in my opinion, is an unrelenting series of deaths, illnesses, losses of every kind, general bad luck that cannot be reveresed no matter what I do and I have tried moving countries in desperation.  My husband died not too long after the ''egg incident.''  My parents died, I lost our house, I remarried some time after and I lost two children (one at the exact hour and minute and day that I myself was born).  My second husband developed dementia.  We finally had a child, but he is severely autistic and non-verbal.  I have had more innumerable misfortunes that seem to follow on the heels of one another.  I have tried everything, read, prayed, tried to take new roads, associate with new people, as I say I have even moved countries and come to a place that was totally unknown to me for a fresh start.

My question is do you think this was/is a curse?  I have spoken to priests who think so and others like shamans and so forth.  Do you think it can be reversed at this late date?  I am afraid it will carry over to my son who is innocent and helpless in his disability and he is last of the line.  When I am dead there is no one who will care for him.  Do you think I need an Exorcism?

I would value your opinion as a Catholic, scientist and one who lives abroad.  I lived in Ireland for 25 years and traveled quite a bit through Europe even though I am US born in Chicago of Polish heritage.

I appreciate any insights you might have.

Dear Susan,

I firmly believe that there exists no real curses; what I mean is that curses are only superstitions. Nobody has the power to curse someone else; everything is always in God's power.
I cannot know why such terrible events occurred to you, but I know that no curses can have caused them. So stop thinking about curses.
The Lord has a plan for each of us. Christ told us to take up our cross:

Mt 16:24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

So, have faith in the Lord, be strong, pray the Lord for His help in troubles, and forget curses at all.

I understand that my words may not help you much; I will pray the Lord for you.

Your brother in Christ,



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