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How does one know God is listening to prayer

I have prayed to be healed fom a stress disorder, and have been given a lot better medications and feel a lot better, but still nervous at times.

I prayed to lose weight and am still big but lost 80 pounds, I had to do so for health reasons

I prayed for a certain person to leave me be, and they did of course they had to due to health issues

I am wondering if these are answered prayer or coincidence

C.S. Lewis once said, "Prayer doesn't change God; it changes me."  Prayer is not some kind of good-luck charm by which we get what we want in this world.  That is a pagan notion.

Remember the hierarchy of prayer.  First, we pray to adore God, our Creator.  Second, we pray to thank God for all that He has given us, our very life itself.  Third, we pray to repent and repair for our sins.  Only fourthly do make petitions, and these should be primarily spiritual, not temporal.

We are told that all prayers are answered.  Because of our earthbound perspective, we often don't see how they are answered sub specie aeternitatis, from the perspective of eternity.


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