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For the past five months I have been praying to date a certain girl. She got me out of the house more in five months then in five years. I met her children, taken them to lunch as well as her. We fight a lot yet always end up talking again. The past month I've been praying to marry her. And noticed signs or coincidences.

1. A man at the mall spoke to me about how he prayed and helped his hand. His hand showed no visible signs of healing to his doctor yet he can move it and no longer tskes pills.

2. A kid sitting next to me in the hallway in college started to listen to a couple talk about marriage restoration on the 700 Club.

3. I also found videos on YouTube talking about marriage restoration. One girl said she prayed for her parents to get back og ether after years of divorce and they did.

4. When I gave the girl and myself space for a while she came looking for me.

5. I sometimes see quotes on my Facebook telling me to have faith and keep at praying and hoping.

I don't know if these are signs or coincidences. I really care about her and would like to marry her. My faith is weak because I am a weak person. Any advice would help. I pray for her and me several times a day. Is God talking to me? Is the enemy trying to dis wade me in prsyer. The theme of what I have seen are marriage, relationship restoration, and persistence in prayer. That is what touches my heart from these things.

Marriage is a practical matter.  It is a serious contract to live together for a lifetime.  What you need to do is to apply the cardinal moral virtue:  prudence, that is, practical wisdom.  Compatibility is the most important factor.

What you should be emphasizing is getting to know what kind of person she is.  What is her religion?  If it is not the same as yours, marriage is not to be entertained.  Sure, all kinds of accommodations are made in advance, but once the ring is on the finger, it is a different matter.  Marriages between differing religions are likely not to last or to involve a difficult life with many disputes.

What is her family background?  Is it similar to yours?  What is her relationship with her family members?  The way she treats them is likely the way she will treat you.

What is her character?  Is she truthful, loyal, honest, generous, practical?  Does she avoid the near occasions of sin (bars, fornication, expensive tastes, etc.)?

What are her views on the important practicalities of life?  Does she manage money well?  Is she organized?  Can she run a household?  What is her attitude and aptitude toward children?

These are the kinds of things that you should be carefully evaluating.  If you have any doubts, break it off.  It is better to remain single that to be involved in adultery, divorce, or a difficult marriage.  


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