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I asked a spiritual advisor I have why I am constantly seeking spirtual guidance, and they said because I have a conflict between logical thinking and spirtualism. Knowing nothing about me, would you suggest as much to someone who is constantly seeking spirtual guidance and worldly understanding? Is there generally a conflict between logic and spirtuality?

Hi, James:

There is definitely no conflict between logic and spirituality...
How do YOU answer for yourself?  Why do YOU think you are constantly seeking spiritual guidance?  I suppose I just don't much care what anybody else is trying to tell you why they think all of this...
Logic is not worldly understanding - it is a great and necessary discipline of mind, helping in the quest to probe into the deeper meanings and implications of truth.  It is good within any system of thought that there be a clear and consistent harmony and non-contradiction of what is being thought and proposed.
The "spiritual side" of things takes into account the very real, physical aspects of life and existence in the world and the universe.  Much (if not all) of morality can be deduced from deduction and logicl application of the Positive Natural Law.  These make a wonderful foundation for Grace to build and grow upon.

Fr. Timothy Johnson


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