I often feel like weeping. If I get reminded of that special girl I can get tears in my eyes. It's like I experience all emotions at once. I am too confused. What does God want to say. It hurts!I need Catholic wisdom now!

Sometimes intense emotions can bring on tears.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives here in the US is known for weeping -- when he sees the flag, watches children perform, goes to weddings, etc.  If you feel a very strong emotion and tears come, but it all passes quickly and you aren't feeling depressed otherwise, it's probably just normal.  As for what God is trying to say, I believe he speaks to us through things like this.  Since his big goal is to draw us to himself, you need to ask yourself what is missing from your life that God wants you to have.  Maybe it is "that special girl" or if that's out of the question, someone to take her place.  Most of us aren't meant to be alone, and marriage is one of God's ways to bring us closer to him.  Hope this helps.  


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