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I have been looking unsuccessfully on the web for details of Saint Emereziana's life. Unfortunately I live in a region where there are very few churches nearby and definitely no church libraries. Can you please recommend any books that give details about saint's lives? The web has a lot of detail about the more famous ones but not the lesser known saints.
Thank you.

The best resource for the Saints' lives is Butler's "Lives of the Saints," in four volumes, which provides extensive information on all the traditional Saints.  This is a basic reference that should be able to find in any large library or college/university library.  Be sure that you use either the 1920s original version or the 1956 version.  Anything after that is corrupted by the New Order religion that came in during the 1960s and is essentially worthless.

Look up St. Emeritiana's under her traditional feastday of January 23.


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