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Now we can read Catholic mystics speaking about loving Jesus with romantic love. People have said that if a male person would love Jesus like that it would be strange due to the fact that both are male. There can only be a real union between male and female they say. How does Catholic theology answer them?

This is a good question.  My expertise is not in spirituality or mysticism.  While I will give you what I think is a satisfactory answer, nevertheless you may want to run this question by someone whose expertise is in spirituality with an emphasis on mysticism.  

You have to understand that the essence of the Body of Christ (The Church) is FEMININE.  The NATURE of the relationship between Jesus Christ and his body is analogous to the relationship between a husband and a wife.  This is why marriage is a Sacrament, and WHY marriage is by definition HETEROSEXUAL and cannot include HOMOSEXUAL couples.  The sacrament of marriage was instituted by God precisely because it mirrors the relationship between Christ and his Church. Notice in the prayers of the Mass or other devotional prayers the Church is referred to as "she" or "Holy Mother" or "The Bride of Christ" the "New Jerusalem."  

Males and females comprise the Church.  HOWEVER the relationship that Christ has with the Church in this life does not take place in the BODILY plane but the SPIRITUAL plane.  This again is why marriage is so important: we need a physical sign and symbol of something that is INVISIBLE.  Thus Christ indeed relates with males as a bride to a wife---but on the SPIRITUAL not the BODILY level. Otherwise- you would be right: the relationship would be homosexual.  

Indeed there can only be a true union of love (such as exists between a husband and a wife) between a man and a women. The relationship between Christ and his Church takes place in our Souls, not our flesh.  The union therefore continues to be inherently HETEROSEXUAL.  


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