QUESTION: I do not know if you can answer my question.

Over the past few months, I've seen what could be God talking ti me.

Posts on Facebook, and often times people. They tell me to pray, have faith, and be patient about a certain situation.

I am praying for the betterment of myself and another involved. I started by praying for a relationship, which I still do, that's when the " signs" started coming.

Any advice?

ANSWER: Pray, have faith, and be patient.  That is generally sound advice at any time.  One should not need signs to know to do that, but only for when something different is called for.  By being patient, that should not mean merely sitting by and letting some situation continue to degenerate, but being patient and longsuffering with those who occasion the difficulty.  This may require anything from being able to forgive, to be firm, to be tactful, and to conceal one's exasperation with someone who just seems to refuse to get it.  But still remain engaged in the struggle.
As to signs in general however, I am rather wary of such things, since they can be used as a pretext for anything, e. g. "God told me to skin you alive," and the like.  God does not communicate to us through signs but through our conscience, our sense of what is right and wrong, and through the authoritative sources He has provided, His Church, the Bible, and so forth.  The chief sign that something is right to do should be that your conscience tells you it is the right thing to do.  And if there is still doubt, it does not hurt to consult others (friends, relatives, a spiritual director or professional counselor, etc.) as a good reality check for anything you plan to do, especially anything obviously drastic.
Even more so one wants to avoid omens, "I saw two birds passing each other this morning, so this means I am supposed to quit my job" doesn't make any sense, no matter how much those obsessed with omens seem to think it does.
Hope this helps, sorry for the delay, God bless!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes I've consulted others, your advice is good.

As I said I was only prompted to pray, have faith, and be patient, there was no birds or anything, but mostly the promptings of people who have faith in God.

The "signs" were never as silly as quite my job or something with two birds etc.

Instead I was just called for faith, patience, and prayer. All for those involved and the situation that seems very impossible.

I don't think I'd quite my job if I saw two birds, but if I felt God telling me to wait for something important then I am indeed trying to better myself and pray for others involved.

I do indeed have doubt, but inside I have faith to keep going. And I have seen God working, very little but I do believe it was Gods hand.

Before this situation I was an atheist, then a deist, the old fundamentalist churches I went to claimed all but them were damned,  and that their doctrine was the only right one. After study and my thought I have noticed that even though they claim to have the one true faith, they contradict each other. I believe God is with those who believe and try to serve him no matter the faith.

God is with those who are genuinely seeking Him.  And those who persistently seek Him will find Him.  The main challenges have always been overcoming the obstacles to Faith, mainly pride (thinking oneself in no need of God, or even resenting any authoritative demand God may make of us), worldliness (being concerned mainly or only with temporal things, regarding heaven as being something for clergymen and sparrows), undisciplined lifestyle (wanting to make it with lots of girls, or boys, or worse), and prejudice ("well, that's as stupid as becoming a Catholic").
Admittedly, most of what passes for "Catholic" in our day has no evident superiority over what passes for "Protestant," but even a cursory study of history (to say nothing of a thorough study) shows a different Catholic Church with divinely awesome power and durability.  That Church meets criteria that others not only fail, but which criteria of themselves provide a basis to believe in the first place, not only particular miracles (carefully verified) from time to time, but also the ongoing miracle of the bare fact of its existence, despite anything and everything that would otherwise have destroyed any merely human institution.
So in our day, we also face the additional challenge that the Church has been reduced to a faithful remnant, more difficult to find, but alone inheriting the promises and divine help that God has provided it since being founded back in the New Testament times by Jesus Christ Himself personally and the Apostles.  The Catholic Church of history now goes by the description "Traditional" and often reveals itself in the Mass as given according to the ancient formulas.  This directory can help you find that Catholic Church today:
God bless, and sorry for the delay, hope this helps!


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