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Greeting Fr Michael

For a long time now I have wondered about questions  about my upbringing.
I have never ask the questions!
Maybe because I never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings!

I was brought up Catholic
My dad's side was very Catholic
What I mean is we when to mass when we were meant to.
It's what I grew up to know, when to go to mass!
But somewhere down the line there was questions I could never ask!
That's why am here.
I how need to ask these questions in a safe environment.

Why as a Catholic do Is there a need to go to confessions
Why do I need to go to a priest ?
Say what I need to say ( which at times hurts me to say ) that at times it hurts us to love someone that hurts us!
Only in late years Michael have I gotten a bible!
And it's just changed my life.
As I when into the Gospels Micheal !
I can only say tears came to me.
Tears that I never experienced in all my life, flowed as I read the bible!
It was like Christ came alive for the first time in my life!
No words could ever example it.
All I know is that!
I began to understand why Christ died!
Why God came in flesh!Christ.
To fully know the Wonders of God I will never know!
Maybe one of the questions I need answered now is !
Why do I in the Catholic faith do I need to go to confessions?
Is there a problem me going to the father myself?
Putting aside the tradition of Man?
I have more questions, but am just going to take this slowly.
So I don't get overloaded with to much

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question
Blessings in Christ to you

Christ, knowing mankind, whom He created, did not leave us alone after his Ascension.  He left for us a Church and the priesthood as an intermediary to assist us, so that we don't have to go it alone and lose our way.  He gave us the Seven Sacraments, visible signs to impart grace.

Among these is the Sacrament of Penance, or Confession.  (We are, of course, not talking here of the unCatholic Newchurch of the New Order, which has substituted a non-sacramental "Reconciliation.")  Christ established this Sacrament, as recorded in St. John's Gospel, at chapter 20, verse 23, which contains the exact words used at the ordination of a priest.  (We are, of course, not talking here of the unCatholic Newchurch of the New Order, which has substituted for the Catholic priesthood a Protestantized "presbyterate" or "ministry.")


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