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QUESTION: Does the Catholic Church teach creatio ex nihilo or creatio ex deo?

ANSWER: The Catholic church teaches that the existence of everything depends on God. (Why is there something rather than nothing? God.) If the universe is one of many (multiverse theory) or a "hologram" of another reality, or the consequence of 11 dimensional string theory, or the product of the Big Bang, it doesn't matter; God begins with nothing and causes being to spring forth from nothing.  Hope this helps.  

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QUESTION: Are you saying that creatio ex deo is wrong?

creatio ex deo seems to mean creation out of God, or from God.  I assume you mean that God makes the universe from himself.  The Church teaches that God brings the universe into existence starting with nothing; that would mean creatio ex nihilo. Creatio ex deo, as I understand it, would not be endorsed by the church.  


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