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Man has created many Gods. How can we be sure the personal God of the Bible is not just another one? The Earth, seasons, the sky, the stars, planets  the milky way and the Universe may not have been created by the Biblical God but rather by an unknown something we have yet to  conceive and understand. If the One and True God remains silent as Joseph Conrad purposes, it is possible we (believers in the Bible) are wrong in our assumption and are jumping to conclusions.

Here is a resend of my response.

Charles, thanks for your understanding/patience in awaiting my reply.  A few busy days here.

Did we not agree that the maker/creator of the universe in which we live is the reasonable and rational explanation/conclusion [the only comprehensive one]about the origin of things that exist.
That maker [God, is the usual name] is omnipotent, all knowing, all powerful, and also the conservator of what He has created. That concept has been explained in ever greater detail since ancient Greek philosophers. The one, monotheistic God is not the unique tenet of
Christianity but is a hallmark of Judeo-Christianity.
Can we agree that the one God is all truthful?  If He wants to communicate with humanity, He is not indifferent to the truth of His message.  His truthful message is truthful -- whether humanity gets its correctly or not does not affect the truth of the message. Truth is the foundation of all that we do and know.  Reality does make a difference; so does truth to an intelligent being.
So, if the God of truth chooses to reveal Himself to humanity, one would expect that He also makes His message reasonable to understand and to accept as true.
That brings us to the reasonable/rational validity/truth of Christianity, which, as the name indicates, began with Jesus the Christ who lived and died in the early part of the first century AD.  His existence is documented not only by followers [many of whom died for their conviction] but also by secular historians/officials from the mid-first century AD forward.
He lived almost 400 years before followers would put together in one volume the individual writings that compose the library that we call the New Testament.
The crux of the matter is whether Jesus died and rose from the dead [a great sign beyond human power].  If that is true, then humans need to heed the authentic message.
Do you think that a group of rustic men and women could convince many of their contemporaries [Jewish concept of humans as animated bodies]that Jesus was killed and rose from the dead if his body were still in its grave?  That such a group came to such a conviction despite their previous thoughts about religion and despite their lives being threatened and dying for their conviction?
In short, much significant evidence exists that Jesus is what He claimed to be, validated by the sign of his resurrection.

Above is the tip of many large mountains of evidence.  I would be pleased to respond to your reactions to what I have written.

Best wishes, Charles, until we talk again.  


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