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will a priest come to my moms house to bless, my dad passed away after a sickness we were there when he took his last breath. we are catholic, she is more than I always reading her bible. I just feel that a blessing might help her, am I wrong? should I ask her local priest if he could do this, and would I be wrong or right in asking?

House blessings by the priest or the deacon are common in some parts of the country and the world.  I'm sure your pastor or a deacon would come to your house and do a blessing if asked.  But you should make sure your mother is ok with all this.  What you are asking, of course, is that an official minister of the church ( an ordained person) give a blessing from the church (the blessing of a deacon is just as good as that of the pope -- both speak in the name of the church).  Hope this helps.  


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