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If a Catholic marries an Anglican in an Anglican rite does he/she get excommunicated from the Catholic Church?

If you wish to do this, you can easily get permission from your bishop to allow the anglican minister to be the witness for the Catholic church.  It only requires a bit of paperwork.  If, on the other hand, you marry in an anglican rite without the permission of your bishop, it would be considered an invalid marriage by the Catholic church, and as such the church would expect you not to take communion in a Catholic church (excommunication).  If you have already married in an anglican rite, you can talk to your pastor about getting the marriage "validated" which is quite simple. The church isn't trying to be mean, it just wants to make sure that Catholics know what they are getting in to.  The Church encourages couples of different faiths to explore each other's faith tradition.  We would rather have a good anglican and a good Catholic married than two catholics who don't practice their religion.  


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