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Are these statements true? It is important to remember Christianity was not a hit outside a small group of Jewish people, for the most part pagans adapted it. The pagans brought with them their beloved theatre, art, pageants, choirs, philosophy, science, mathematics, history, prejudice and superstitions. Christianity did not begin on a clean slate. Basically only through pagan tolerance and converted gentiles who escaped circumcision did Christianity survive in the pagan world. ( At the time of Constantine the Great only ten percent of the Roman empire was Christian.) Three quarters of the people in the Roman empire were illiterate. (100 AD to 400 AD) Using earlier collected popular orally transmitted stories as a foundation, modern scholars claim the four gospels were originally written entirely in [[Koine Greek]] 70 to 100 years after Jesus' life. Biblical scholars believe this illustrates the influence of the scholarship of the pagan Greek world.

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I have a brief reply:  Behind the written gospels [most agree they were written between 70 and 100 AD; so beginning a generation after the time of Jesus].
Before that, to explain the differences in wordings and the agreements, scholars conclude that oral and written traditions stemming from actual words and deeds of Jesus existed.  In an oral society, main dependence in teaching was based on hearing [not reading, which most people did not have had the chance or need to know].
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