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Mr. Bode, I feel I must correct you. I am not CONCERNED about the BIBLICAL GOD, certainly this one is only a primitive human fantasy that is based on a lack of curiosity, ignorance, and fear. I am only curious as to whether there is something else we cannot imagine instead of only natural laws and the unknown, which can astound us like magic and create awe. I do not care one way or another. It is only a puzzle. I dabble with it for fun. I do not expect to find an answer. It is like why doesn't a mirror reflect up and down instead of side to side.
I have no emotional attachment to the problem. I apologize if you believe I have stepped on you toes. You are obviously  emotionally attached to the God of the Bible. I mean no harm. I am a gentle person and love puzzles. Vaticinium ex eventu probably explains Jesus foretelling his own death. It runs through out so-called Biblical prophecy. No one can fore tell the future.

No apology is needed.
Your idea of faith does not match mine [and other millions] -- reason supports Christian faith.  
I am a trained, competent philosophic theologian. I thank God for my God-given faith, which is more than an emotion.
I am sorry that your curiosity has not produced tranquility.  
Our hearts are made for God and they are restless until they rest in Him [Augustine].
I pray that you may find faith in response to the divine invitation with the kindly light from the "Hound of Heaven."
As ever, Charles, your thoughts are welcome.
Best wishes.  


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