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Recently I saw an article about a singing star who claimed she had an autistic child because of her sins and this was God's way of punishing her. Why has God created an autistic child if he is merciful and caring? I remember the polio epidemics when I was a child. Why would a loving God create polio, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, mumps, scarlet fever, cancer, leprosy,  blindness etc. Is it perhaps God has no control over these things that he created in the first place. Why were diseases and such created? I do not buy that original sin gibberish. Millions of creatures died and had diseases long before humans appeared on the earth. The origin of disease and death had nothing to do with the so-called original sin that the ignorant savages believed in.

Hello hello hello again, Charles.

I would like to respond on two interconnected levels: philosophical and theological.

The perfect, all-knowing divine Creator could have chosen myriads of ways to create. We know from science that the universe has a number of fixed laws/reactions. God has chosen to use the plan without extraordinary intervention, generally speaking. Creation is not a universe of perfect beings.

God has chosen to communicate with rational beings(humans). We know from the Gospels that suffering is a part of life. Our chief model is Jesus Christ, who taught by his example what self-giving love is. As Pope Francis says the miseries of people are visible signs of Christ's sufferings; they call us to see and act on their behalf. The New Testament teaches that we are called to carry our crosses. I also refer you to the book of Job; pay close attention to chapters 40,41 and 42.

I would also refer you to a favored website:
Please take the effort to explore happiness and suffering.

Please let me know your reactions.

Thanks again for writing. With my best wishes and prayers.


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