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Dear Mr. Bode,
Thank you for answering my questions. Though there are misunderstandings to my questions. Certainly I know Jesus did not speak in English. In our English speaking Bibles we have only best guesses from many copied Greek translations that make up the gospels, and we think Jesus spoke in aramic. I am always interested in your answers which show a deeper faith than I will ever obtain. As you know by now, I am a very curious puzzler. I think I am just too curious to have faith. There are too many things I want to explore. And too many questions that do not have answers in my life time. I enjoy our exchanges. Thanks for your replies. We have a very limited view of the ancient past and present world. More limited than we can imagine. When we read the Bible we are getting a glance of a dim far off world through the eyes of superstitious primitive people in which every thing happened for a Divine reason, even Jesus' death. I don't think I will ever come to the conclusion the world works that way.

Charles, I too appreciate that you are willing to continue our conversation.
Modern critical scholars agree that the multitudes of Koine manuscripts from the second century one and from varied places  together with many early translations provide a Greek text of the NT that is substantially accurate.  Translations, however, range from fanciful to contemporary to literal.  
Your comment about "superstitious primitive people" is problematic.  Have you read Justin, Iranaeus, Augustine? Have you looked at the several references that I have provided?

Let's try a new track!  You are concerned about God, a super-intelligent Being whose existence is known from current reasonable scientific evidence. Do you not agree that the one, true God cares about his creation?  I think so, since you are concerned about many things.
Would you please ask God for enlightenment and consolation.
I suggest that you read the texts of two poems, readily available on the Internet: Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven; John Newman, Lead Kindly Light.  Let me know your reaction, please.
As always, thanks and best wishes, Charles.  


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