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My wife was recently given two necklaces, one is (I think) a second class relic; a round pendant with the words "EX INDUMENTIS", a round piece of glass with a small piece of woven cloth behind it. On the back it says B. Joannes Neumann after this name is the initials CDF just under an image of the saint. The chain says "ITALY" and .925 on the clasp.  The second chain has nothing other than the .925 and a "V" on the clasp however, at the clasp is third chain with nothing at the end. All of the chains a three strands woven the one with the pendant is a smaller diameter woven strand. Do you think this is a genuine relic?

I would have no way to know how to authenticate a relic.  

However from what you have said it does sound genuine.  Saint John Neumann was the bishop of Philadelphia in the 1850's.  I have no reason to believe the relic you have is fake.  It is very possible--if not very probably the relic you have is genuine. There would be no value in faking a relic.  It isn't like they are worth money. They are certainly important in terms of prayer and as reminders of the holy--but they have no secular value.

Saint John Neumann also has a connection to Baltimore since the Redemptorist order in which he was a part staffs a Church in Baltimore that Saint John Neumann lived when he was made bishop of Philadelphia.  I visited that Church once but I forget the name of it.

Now--if you said you had a genuine relic of the true Cross--I would be suspicious. From all the people claiming to have a relic of the true cross--if you combined those relics you would have enough wood to build Noah's Ark four times over.  


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