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Dear Mr. Bode,
One time I asked my mother if she believed in an afterlife?
Her reply was, "There has got to be something more than this."
I was stunned. There has got to be something more than this wondrous existence and universe that reaches beyond our imagination in complexity? Why?

The brief answer: Our hearts were made for you, Oh God, and they are restless until they rest in You!  So wrote Augustine toward the end of the fourth century AD.

The infinite God of intellect and will power created mankind with a spiritual intellect and will that seek the spiritual good of the creator.  Created goods fall short of the goal.  God did not make us to be frustrated but to be able with divine grace to attain a perfect and everlasting happiness.

We need to pray that we cooperate with that grace.

Your mother's instinct was on target.

Best wishes, Charles


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