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QUESTION: How did the Gospel writer, Matthew, know Judas received 30 pieces of silver? It would seem that would be unknown. Did Matthew make it up?

ANSWER: The NT does not give an explicit answer to your question, which I had never thought about previously.
You might ascribe the amount to the OT symbolic meaning of the 30 silvers.
However, I see some info in the gospels that suggests how the silvers may have become known to the early Christians of Jerusalem.  John 3 talks about a prominent Pharisee; Acts 5:34 mentions another Pharisee who spoke to the Sanhedrin to dissuade anti-Christian actions; Acts 6:7 mentions priests who became believers.  So, I conclude that the 30 silvers were well known in Jerusalem.

Prayers and best wishes, Charles.

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QUESTION: That does not explain how Matthew, which is written earlier than John 3 and Acts, could have received this information. There are many things, unexplained sources, in the Gospels that are left to the readers imagination. When Jesus is comforted by an angel, or angels, in the garden of Gethsemane the disciples are asleep. How did the Gospel writers obtain this knowledge? Jesus told them? When? Before the soldiers came to take him away? If the disciples knew Jesus had just been visited by an angel, or angels, why did they flee? This is quite curious. Didn't they believe him? The gospels are full of holes.

The Field of Blood, bought by the Sanhedrin, was in use shortly after the death of Judas -- both MT and Peter in Acts make reference.  I gave you some suggestions about inside information from the Sanhedrin itself.  Jerusalem was packed every Passover and Pentecost.  Do you think that no one said anything?  When the books of Gospels and Acts were written does not mean that no info was had before then.  Actually oral traditions abounded in the oral society and were slowly polished and refined before the evangelists added their final touches.

What bibliography about angels and the composition of the NT have you read?  If you wish, I could suggest some further reading.

Best wishes, Charles.  


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