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I am an adult suffering from mental illness. I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety. When I am making a decision I am anxious about like which side of the family to have Thanksgiving with then instead of feeling the anxiety I have a bad habit, possibly a sinful habit, of making a vow of where I will go to avoid uncertainty. The vow will be something to the extent of "I vow to the Holy Spirit that I will go to hell if I don't do the following....", Sometimes plans change and I end up doing what I vowed I wouldn't do. This has happened this week as I vowed I wouldn't go to something tomorrow night and now I have found out it is okay if I can go so I am going. In my vow I said I would go to hell if I went.

I know in my own head I won't be sent to hell for breaking any of these vows and that the sin is making the vows in the first place. At the same time I fear, "what if I am wrong and I am sending myself to hell if I break one of these vows".

So my question is "are these vows I make to the Holy Spirit legit or are they just nonsense and nothing God counts?"

Some questions are of a highly personal or individual nature that are beyond the scope of this forum.  These are questions on which you would most appropriately be given advice and
counsel by your own traditional Catholic pastor or confessor.  If you do not have a regular traditional pastor or confessor, you should consult the Official Traditional Catholic Directory, available at  Particularly in a complicated case such as yours, you need to develop a relationship with a traditional Catholic confessor who can personally come to know your spiritual and mental state and prudently guide you.


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