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Catholics/Prayer for the Sick in Spanish?


Although I am not Catholic, I recently attended Mass with a friend. Before the service started, the priest approached my friend (who is Hispanic) and asked if he could translate into Spanish the prayers for anointing the sick. My friend agreed to take a look at the prayers and see what he can do.

This whole thing seems a little weird to me. Don't those prayers already exist in Spanish? Why would it be necessary for a parishioner to translate them? Would they even be considered "Official" prayers?

In any case, do you know where my friend can get the prayers in Spanish.



Sorry, traditional Catholics use Latin, the immemorial language of the Roman Catholic Church, not profane tongues, in the Sacraments.  Actually, Spanish is a vulgar form of Latin, so you might try getting a Latin version and dealing with it that way.  There are some resources for this that may be of help to you at


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