What do catholics say about the soul? Is it all that a person is? Can it be divided or destroyed or is it a quanta of human spirtuality? What can satan do to it but command over it(oneself)?

The rational human soul, created directly by God, is spiritual and therefore immortal.  The main faculties of the soul are intellect [knowing] and will.  The spiritual soul and the material body form a unity. The soul, spiritual and immortal, cannot be killed.
I refer you to The Catechism of the Catholic Church, available on line at:
Pages 362-364 present the basics. However, the Index, p 851, provides a comprehensive view.

God's intention is that each human soul, present from the moment of conception, attain an eternity of perfect happiness [heaven].

Satan can influence souls to do evil but not destroy the free will of a person.
On that topic, see the Catechism, p 98-99, 103, 685-687.

Much more could be said, but I am not sure what might be your special interests.
Please let me know what more I could explain.

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