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Why do you think the disciples as the events took place in the Gospel of Mark had to believe the person of Jesus, Son of God, a prophet, or Messiah could not perform miracles? That then and there they concluded this person could only be God? Did not the prophet Elisha perform miracles? Isn't this the conclusion they reached only after, or years after, the resurrection? Didn't Paul suposedly say he saw Jesus as Jesus Christ, Jesus the messiah, originally when he had his vision? Later he thought of Jesus, the son of God, in the form of God?

The final writers of the gospels were not always concerned with precise chronological order. All "disciples" included followers other than the Twelve.  Many gospel incidents indicate that Jesus was truly divine -- changing the Law, forgiving sins, the formula for Baptism, etc.
While others had performed miracles in the name of God, Jesus taught that He was different -- He was acting on His own authority and power.

When one tries to enter the minds of so many people involved, one enters untrod ground.
The inner circle of the closest followers would have a better understanding of the precise teaching of Jesus than others during the lifetime of Jesus.

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