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May the blessing of Christ be upon you

Dear Father can you by any chance give me the contact info of a traditional priest in Texas. I live in Laredo Texas. If you cannot do so any priest with whom I can correspond with is good.

For the last few years (many years in fact) I've struggles with my faith. I seem to find myself at odds with many of the churches teachings. My faith is in deep turmoil and confusion.

For example, I often think abortion is a woman's choice yet I've found myself thinking that I'd never want my own child aborted.

I think to myself, assisted suicide is good and yet I ask would I ever actually assist myself.

Forgive the message if it's confusing.

For that kind of information, see the current Monthly Revised Edition of this
year's Official Traditional Catholic Directory, Listing All Traditional Latin
Masses and Traditional Resources for North America, published annually since
1994 by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses, with monthly
update editions.

This 200-page E-book, in the universal and free Adobe Acrobat PDF format,
includes the only complete list, by sponsoring organization, of the
approximately 800 Traditional Catholic Latin Masses in the pre-Vatican II
Roman Rite, regularly and publicly celebrated in North America, as well as
contacts for Mass sites outside North America.  It also includes a list of
traditional Catholic periodicals, suppliers, organizations, seminaries,
religious orders, lay societies, retreats, schooling, and a necrology of
traditional Catholic priests.

For detailed information, click on the Official Traditional Catholic
Directory department on the main menu of the TRADITIO Network's home page,


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