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When a person makes a spiritual communion, does he/she receive the same blessings as with receiving sacramental Communion? Also, when one makes an Act of Contrition, does he/she receive God's forgiveness for mortal sins immediately, even though still required to go to Confession and intending to do so?

1) No. Spiritual Communion is a devotion, operating through the devotee.  Actual Communion is a Sacrament, operating through Christ.

2) Not as such.  It is true that one who has PERFECT contrition (a high standard indeed) is in a state of grace.  However, the "making an Act of Contrition" is not in itself sufficient.  One must have true repentance for sins, at least mortal ones, and a firm purpose of amendment.  One can mouth whatever words one wants, but if these two requirements are absent, the words make no difference.  


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