When one studies the brain the teacher will use real human brains in order to show how it looks like. Is this something that the Catholic Church has any issues with?
Is it ok to donate your brain after you die or is it important to be burried with it?
I am not good at bioethics.
Is modern brain research something that is ok according to the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church has no problem with autopsies, donation of body or body parts after death, or studying anatomy by dissecting a corpse.  Organ donation is not only okay, it's encouraged as an act of charity.  The one thing the Church doesn't go for is something that disrespects the body, or uses it for banal purposes.  For a long time cremation was forbidden by the Church for two reasons; it was seen as disrespectful of the body, and also as denying the resurrection of the body.  However, cremation is no longer forbidden.  


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