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Good day father,

I was wondering if a Traditional Catholic may make funeral arrangements for a non-Catholic relative (lets say baptist) Here presuming that there is no one else to make the arrangements (I am not sure if that makes a difference). So could he in theory help pick out the hymns and prayers etc? I am well aware that he is absolutely forbidden to actively participate in the Funeral service itself or to give the eulogy (I am not sure if he could give a eulogy at the reception, or even publicly say a private catholic prayer for the person's repose there, please let me know). But could he do these things? Please let me know

On another note I was also wondering what to do if the person whop died belonged to a religion where cremation was mandatory (like Hinduism) clearly participation in such rites would be even worse that in a Protestant rite but could one arrange for say a Hindu Cleric to perform these cremation rites? Could one even attend a Hindu Cremation rite even passively? (I have no Hindu Friends or relatives, i was just wondering)

Also with regard to non-Catholic Christian weddings, could one presumably help the couple plan the marriage service itself (though of course active participation is strictly forbidden)

I look forward to your reply


A Catholic should stay away from all of these involvements, as they would obviously be active participation in sects and rites that are abhorrent to Catholic teaching.  In justice, you should tell any such persons that you have in mind with this question that you cannot be involved in any such matters, so that they should be careful select someone else in their will to arrange funeral rites.  What a wonderful opportunity it would be to demonstrate the sincerity of your Catholic Faith and to teach them about the true Faith with the possibility of conversion to the true Faith!


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