I am interested in understanding Catholicism. This question may sound strange but I am actually serious.
Why do Catholics who beleive in a loving God who gave them the gift of life commit suicide? Why would people that are faithful Catholics commit suicide? Is it true that being a faithful Catholic isn't enough to cope with life? I am aware that Catholics belive that you only fail life if you end up in hell so I guess you belive that God will love them even if they died that way. Could please explain?

Hi, here's a very good short article about this:

With any kind of sin (suicide is regarded as a sin in Catholicism), there are many potential factors contributing to a person committing that sin. We can't even be sure if the person fully chose to sin, because severe psychological issues could obfuscate their judgment and hinder, maybe even eclipse, their ability to recognize and choose the good.

Sometimes people might even believe they are doing the right thing by suicide. Or God might have allowed it to happen for some greater good. It's very complicated. My point is that we can't know nor judge. And also, that there are physiological, psychological, social and spiritual factors leading to any decision---to include suicide.

Since only God knows us perfectly, we should leave it up to God to decide how to deal with suicides. My own feeling, which does not necessarily represent that of the Church's, is that God understands suicides and teaches them, in the afterlife, how their decision affected others. I don't believe they ALL go to hell. I think that's just a Catholic bias. But again, this is only my opinion. As I said, we should recognize our limitations and not pretend otherwise.

Leave it to God to judge.


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