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Hi Mr. Bode, Most laymen believe Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible and it contains history. Since the 19th century Bible scholars have known this is not true. There is a tremendous gap between what a student learns in today's Catholic Universities and what the average layman and even clergy know about the latest discoveries and theories of Biblical texts and the archaeology of the Bible lands.  Why does this continue?
Why is higher education considered to be dangerous to faith?

(See The PBS TV NOVA Program: The Bible's Buried Secrets * [ NOVA's The Bible's Buried Secrets page] * {{IMDb title|1303042|The Bible's Buried Secrets}}Also see the Jerome Biblical Commentary

Please excuse my delay in answering your question  --I have been searching for time to respond.
I cannot speak from what laypeople know about the bible.  I have taught scripture and conducted bible studies.  In the 1950s, after the encyclical of Pope Pius XII on the study of scripture, many Catholic scholars became very active in contemporary scriptural and  archeological studies -- a Jesuit friend of mine was part of the expedition of Kathleen Kenyon to the Jericho area.
Accurate scientific information does conflict with Catholic teaching.  God does not speak with one voice through revelation and another through science.  
I have referred many to the revised version of the Jerome Biblical Commentary.  Other worthwhile works are: Reading the Old Testament by Lawrence Boadt [Paulist, New York, 1984] and Introduction to the New Testament by Raymond Collins [Doubleday, Garden City, 1983].  Somewhat old, but both still excellent.
How to spread the message to the pews is, as you note, a great issue that needs more attention from primary school through college.  The key is not only the priests and scholars but also the parents and the increased excellence of Catholic schools.
The internet is somewhat of a minefield -- difficult to evaluate the accuracy of the scholarship behind what appears.
Do you have some individual scenes and messages that concern you in the youtube reference that you sent?
I am most busy for the next few days but will find time to watch the "youtube" video that you sent early next week.  Do you have any particular information/scene/opinion that concerns you in the presentation?
Thanks for writing and your understanding.

Masy have a blessed Easter season filled with the special peace of the Risen Savior.


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