I was wandering why do people think that jesus is the son of god because of his miracles

It's a short question but very hard to answer in a short sentence.  First, the real reason people think Jesus is the Son of God is because the first Christians saw him die on the cross and then talked with him, touched him, and sow that he was fully alive a few days later.  Second, Jesus himself on many occasions referred to God as his Father; and one time he told his apostles he was going to "my father and your father" suggesting his relationship with the Father was different from their relationship.  If Jesus had claimed God was his father and he didn't rise from the dead, no one would pay much attention; but the fact that he did was the clincher.  Saint Paul reports that he was seen by almost five hundred people after he rose from the dead, and when Paul was writing, he said that many were still alive.  Third, all through the ages since Jesus walked the earth there have been many people who have formed a relationship with Jesus -- a living relationship.  This hasn't been true of any other human being.  In such a living relationship, you know personally that Jesus is alive and involved in your life.  You can't prove it to other people, but once it happens, you can't be unconvinced.  Hope this helps.  


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