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First, I would like to apologize ahead of time if I've offended you or the catholic church in any way. I have a question about attending mass regularly every weekend. Since the Bible asks us to spend one hour a week, or more, with God, isn't praying in an Adoration Chapel (or at home) the same as going to Mass? We're basically just there to study the scriptures and pray.

(Point 1)No one really has any kind of magical powers to actually turn bread and wine to body and blood, so it's symbolic. As the bible says: Do this in remembrance of me.
(Point 2)Jesus can't come back every weekend, he's already in our souls since he died for them. He also said when he was on the cross: It is finished. (Which means he finished his time on Earth.)
(Point 3)In almost every passage in the Bible, they've asked us to study the scriptures and turn to Jesus and pray. Not the church.

Both of these reasons are proving that we are really just there to study the scriptures and pray to Him. So do you think praying for one hour a week wherever you are, the same as going to Mass regularly?

It seems that you have no understanding what the Mass truly is.  I have to surmise that you are not speaking of the immemorial Traditional Catholic Latin Mass, but of the "New Order Mass" of 1969, which is a Protestantized service (not even a Mass) found in New Order churches.  Because such "New Order" services are often conducted in a haphazard way, with modern music, and use of vulgar tongues, no wonder you have no understand what the Mass truly is!

Since I cannot teach you the Catholic Faith in one paragraph, what I would recommend is that you begin attending the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively, learn carefully from the sermons, and consult with a traditional priest for a catechism program.  There is a geographical listing of such traditional Catholic Masses at


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