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Question Will give you a critical review of NOVA's Bible's Buried Secrets. As noted in BAR the discovery of David's palace is widely denied. The conclusion that the ancient city of Hazor was destroyed by an Israelite military action based on the evidence of a fire and a broken idol is highly subjective and suspicious. There could have been many causes for a fire and a broken idol. It is interesting though The New Catholic Encyclopedia admits the stories about Moses are "imaginative", but the large number of these stories proves Moses was a historical person and the stories about Israelite's captivity and slavery in Egypt and the Exodus must be true is ridiculous. There are lots of stories about Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, King Arthur, the John Kennedy assassination conspiracy, the Bermuda Triangle, Big Foot, Flying Saucers, etc. but that does not mean they are true. If I remember correctly when I long ago visited a Jewish library (of course I went there. I'm curious) Moses was in the fiction department. Remember the "Song of the Sea", the oldest story in the Hebrew Bible, is a poem. Frank Moore Cross wrote there is a different version of the "Song of the Sea". In the other version the Egyptians follow the fleeing Israelites across the Reed Sea, (not Red Sea) in BOATS, which are over turned.

I do not have access to biblical archeology.  Not everything someone writes is accurately based on accurate information.
The summary statement of the 1913 New Catholic Encyclopedia is very poor.
Boadt's recent book on the Old Testament provides a better and more recent evaluation by a Catholic of the various literary genres in the Old Testament where authors were not writing doctoral dissertations, hardly understandable to their immediate audience. Multitudes of literary genres are capable of conveying truths intended by the writer.
Further, the spread of "scholars'" opinions on many areas of study often go from very conservative/right to very liberal/left.  So, one needs to be aware of the credentials, biases, etc., of authors.  Admittedly, this is a rather daunting task given the current availability of so many electronic ways that allow easy widespread communications.
Also, the necessarily incomplete records of archeology do not always provide sufficient evidence to override/contradict ancient written texts.
I hope these comments are of help.  As always, you are welcome to continue our conversation.
Best wishes for a blessed Easter season.


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