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Are you telling me, in a round about way, angels, demons, spirits, prophecies, miracles, etc. appear in prescientific Bible stories because of the genre of story at that ancient time? I do not know if I am using the right words here. Do you understand what I am asking? If this is true why isn't this knowledge more widely known to the public and laity? Is this scholarly conclusion, certainly a deep understanding and love of story, myth and antiquity, thought to be dangerous to faith? Or is it knowledge only to be shared if it is earned, like a magic secret?

The Bible wrote to people of their times and used many literary genera to convene a message that could be understood.
The job of a committed scholar is to be familiar with all those genera and then apply that knowledge in order to form a reasonable, understandable, meaningful message for today.   
I wrote about using anthropomorphisms in regard to God. The items that you listed do not pertain to the personage of God.  The bible clearly teaches the existence of the things that
you mentioned.
Some myths are based on facts; so, one needs to see how they are being used to convey truth.
In the Catholic arena, Pope Pius XII in the 1950s wrote a general letter to encourage the reading and understanding of the bible today.  I cannot speak to how that message has resonated in the world, but I have devoted much effort to do that.
Thanks and best wishes, Charles.


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