I have a general view of what a stigmata is and which Catholic saints had genuinely received it. What I am not sure of is what is God's purpose in bestowing this on certain individuals?

First, let me correct the grammar.  "Stigma," from the Greek for a puncture or a mark, is the singular form.  The plural form is "stigmata," with the accent on the "I", not on the first "a", as so many mispronounce the plural.  Among other similar words brought into English from Greek are "dogma"/plural "dogmata", "schema"/plural "schemata".

In any case, there is great debate, even in the Church, as to the causation and significance of stigmata.  Some attribute it to a divine cause, with the recipient somehow sharing mystically in the Passion of Christ; others to causes in the psychology of the recipient.


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