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A few things in the ancient pre-scientific Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) just for starters: We know today disease, death and toil existed millions of years before there were humans. Original sin and the fall of man are serious theological errors of a less educated time. There was no human disobedience. The garden of Eden and Adam and Eve never existed. A snake never spoke. We have found no evidence of a world wide flood. After over a hundred years of critical archaeology in and around ancient Egypt we have found no evidence of the Israelites being held in bondage, building the so-called treasure cities of Pithom and Rameses, as described in Exodus 1:11, or their mass 40 year journey crossing the Sinai desert. Frank Moore Cross in his 1973 book, "Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic," stated the Egyptians' boats over turn as they pursue the Israelites across the Sea of Reeds, in a little known version of the ancient "Song of the Sea." The 1914 edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia states that the stories about Moses in the Bible are "imaginary". In the 2003 edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia Moses' existence is no longer denied by scholars, but arriving at the historical substance of Moses has been made complex by authors and editors of the Pentateuch. Factual details have long been obscured in the oral and written traditions of the cult epic celebrating the historical deeds of Yahweh. In a Jewish library I visited Moses was in the fiction section. William G. Dever writes of the archaeological investigation of Moses and the Exodus as having been "discarded as a fruitless pursuit." He is not saying that he believes that the biblical Moses never existed. He is talking about what can be gathered from archaeological evidence. (See: "Exodus the Egyptian Evidence" edited by Ernest S. Frerichs and Leonard H. Lesko) We have found no evidence for the Israelites' military conquest of Canaan. The excavations of Jericho by Kathleen Kenyon proved John Garstang's earlier conclusions about the time the walls of Jericho fell were wrong. Joshua 6:1-23. Jericho was destroyed in the mid-16th century B.C.E. and was unoccupied in the late Bronze age, except for a small area for a short time in 14th century B.C.E.. Biblical scholars agree The Book of Joshua has little historical value. It was written much later than was earlier believed. We have found no ruins of the cities Sodom and Gomorrah at the south end of the Dead Sea. Where they are supposed to be. But we do know there are natural salt formations there, that with a little imagination could look like a person. I am tired of ignorant skeptics calling the Bible stories fiction. Biblical scholars claim this is Theology that has been preserved from a primitive and barbaric culture very different from our own. Certainly this literature reflects an ancient time, train of thought, environment, and social structure. (See The PBS TV NOVA Program: "The Bible's Buried Secrets: Archaeology's New Theories". This will give you the latest information. * NOVA's The Bible's Buried Secrets page * The Bible's Buried Secrets at the Internet Movie Database The conservative American Family Association has issued an online petition urging Congress to cut off federal funding for PBS.[1] "PBS is knowingly choosing to insult and attack Christianity by airing a program that declares the Bible ‘isn't true and a bunch of stories that never happened,’" signers of the petition are encouraged to declare to members of Congress.[2]

A simple admission, Charles:  I do not and cannot evaluate every opinion of
so-called "experts" on biblical truths, especially Old Testament.
I have watched recent TV shows on the bible and have found many problems with what I have seen and heard.
Not every sentence of the bible is intended to be taken literally true.
For a balanced and current Catholic opinion on understanding Old Testament truths from creation onward, I would again refer you to Boadt, who deals with the issues that you mention.
The OT uses many ancient methods [many foreign to contemporary literature] to teach religious truths.  
The first step to understanding is to recognize these methods so as to understanding what they are trying to teach.  For example, the opening chapter of Genesis is not a treatise of current astrophysics; the main teaching is that the one God [no polytheism] created everything and that creation is good and that humans are the high-point of that creation.  [The sun, the moon, animals, etc. are not gods.]  
Interestingly, current astrophysics has evidence that the universe had a beginning; so, since nothing comes from nothing, the cause of the universe must be an intelligent being apart from the universe ["God" in common parlance].
Please obtain a copy of Boadt's second edition, which should be available through inter-library loan, and re-read my previous response to your previous question.
Best wishes.  Please let me hear from you again.  Thanks for your interest.  


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