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I am not a fan of "How do I know? The Bible tells me so." For thousands of years many people have argued, fought and even killed, over what the Bible says, even among Christians themselves. The teaching of hate against Jews and their persecution by Christians has a long bloody history. Doesn't this indicate the Bible is not the inspired word of God but instead a total human creation?

In one word: NO.
The bible records historical actions of the past.  The final and complete viewpoint comes from the NT.
In the OT,  often the secondary causes [evils deeds from the free will of humanity] are overlooked, and the results are attributed to God.  Keep in mind that the bible is a Library of works composed over about 2000 years directed originally to contemporary  listeners in literary genera familiar at the time.
I suggest that you check The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, issued in 1993 by the Pontifical Biblical Commission and available on line:

As always, I hope these thoughts help. You are welcome to write again.

Best wishes, Charles.


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