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How can we be confident that God is not an emotional and desired explanation of the unknown to remove anxiety by any other means than faith? In science there is an avoidance of metaphysical explanations that can not be tested.

Science cannot disprove the existence of God.  
Science has proven beyond reasonable probability that the universe had a beginning.  So, logical cause and effect demands that the cause of the universe was outside/beyond it; nothing comes from nothing.  A powerful argument.  Some do not want to admit God since that knowledge leads logically to acknowledging God; also expressed as cognition leads to recognition. On the contrary, if humans must only imagine something that satisfies human happiness, then we are very miserable beings.  
Interesting, that some argue from the desire for the truth, the good, and the noble to the existence of the ultimate truth, good, noble [God].  For example, Thomas Aquinas [13th century]in Summa Theologiae [Summary of Theology], part 1, question 2, article 3, argues philosophically;  now Spitzer --cf. and reason/6.
For faith to be rational, it must be based on some certitude [intellect].  Our faith is based on the certitude of the existence of God and the life [teaching], death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Hope these thoughts help.
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