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In religion faith is based on "Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe", science is not. Religion and science are two different realms. There are many debates between science and  religion about the Bible, faith and the existence of God. Do science and religion have anything to do with each other? Are not these many debates a total waste of time?

Human science and divine revelation are two different ways to obtain knowledge.  God is the source of revelation and the cause of the existence of the universe with its scientific laws.
Science [astrophysics] has recently been able to determine the age [origin]of our universe at about 13.8 billion years ago.  Logically, nothing come from nothing; so, the scientific evidence for an intelligent creator of the universe [God]is an important development for the reasonableness of accepting divine revelation.
God is author of revelation and scientific laws; God speaks the truth and does not contradict Himself.
If you wish more about the recent astrophysical discoveries, check the Research tab at
Hope these thoughts help.  Again, best wishes, Charles.


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