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There are websites with free video streaming of sports. I think this must be illegal. Many people would go to these websites and watch sports and see nothing immoral about this.
I don't think those people would attend a sporting event without paying (even if it was possible). They would say that it's immoral.
It is actually not too much difference between the first and the second example if we look at ethics and morality, I would say.
What would you as a Catholic say about this?

I think the answer is more complicated.  If you have a subscription to netflix, you can watch all kinds of video for "free" because netflix has arranged with the owners of the video the right to broadcast it.  I think its the same with sports broadcasts.  If the people broadcasting it have paid an agreed upon price to do so, then there's no problem.  If it's being pirated, then it's stealing.  Hope this helps.  


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