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I believe I've contacted you before. This time I am asking a question on behalf of a friend.

Cindy, my friend, was Baptized Catholic (specifically Roman Catholic, if that makes a difference) a while ago. Now, her Church's Services are always when she works. She misses Church and has a lot of friends in a Non-Denominational Church as well as in a Pentecostal Church. Because she is Baptized Roman Catholic would she still be allowed to faithfully attend either of these Churches since their Services fit around her work schedule better?

Absolutely not!  Any Protestant church is considered heretical, and it would be a Mortal Sin against the First Commandment of God to substitute the worship of "a strange God" for true worship.

That your friend even had to ask this question indicates that she needs to undertake basic education in the Catholic Faith.  She can do that by contacting her own traditional pastor or confessor.  If she does not have a regular traditional pastor or confessor, she should consult the Official Traditional Catholic Directory, available at


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