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Dear Mr. Bode,
There is a reality outside the boundaries of human imagination.
I and you, or others, cannot accurately conceive of what it would be like to live and be another person or creature. We can not accurately conceive of what it would be like to live on a totally different planet that is not dominated by bacteria or variety, another culture outside our own, to have had different parents, grow up in a different place or time, have a different education, religion or sex, believe our wife is a hat, have no short term or perfect memory, etc. This reality is most likely physical not spiritual. What convinces you there is a reality outside of physical reality, the supernatural, a spiritual reality? Why MUST physical reality have a boundary or limit?

All actual physical reality has limits.  Scientists [not theologians] have identified about 20 natural [based on the nature/limits of real entities] conditions that determine/limit their activity.  For example, entropy [second law of thermodynamics]concerns irreversible deterioration.
No one or thing can melt a plate of ice cubes and then chill them back into their original shapes.
God is intellectual and does not create contradictions such as square circles. Of themselves, rocks on earth do not fly.
So, it is rationally/legitimately valid to conclude that some happening is supernatural.

For details, read: Robert Spitzer, New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy [Erdmans, 2010].

Best wishes, Charles.  Your concerns are always welcome.  


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