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I have in my possession the book 'The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits.'  It's a copy from the 1700s.  Is this book authentic or a fake?  Should I keep the book or give it away?  Any insight would be helpful.  Thank you.

I'm not familiar with that particular book, but the Jesuits undeniably have a very troubled history.

The Societas Jesu was suppressed for 41 years (1773-1814) because of its involvement in secular political action.  That tendency for the Jesuits to become involved in secular politics continued into the 1960s, when Jesuits in South American took up arms and fought for Marxist factions in what is known as "Liberation Theology."

The most famous Jesuit of the time, Malachi Martin, very publicly left the order in 1964 because it had become corrupt.  Martin wrote many best-selling books about the corruption post Vatican II (1962-1965) in the Church, at that time more accurately to be termed the Newchurch of the New Order, which replaced the Roman Catholic Church as the "institutional Church."  His 1988 book, The Jesuits:  The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church" is hard-hitting and factual from a man who knew intimately the inside of the Society.  If this subject is of interest to you, I highly recommend it.


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