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Catholics/question about being saved?


I was listening to a gospel song and she, the singer, sang something like "I'm saved...". What would that mean? Are you already saved here on earth?
She also said, at the concert, that she was a born-again christian. What then would the requirements in order to be called "born-again Christian"? Do you need to do anything special? Or is this going against the biblical and apostolic teachings?
And is that lyrics from the gospel song something that Catholics should not sing at all? Are there any kinds of songs Catholics should refrain from singing or is everything ok?

ANSWER: Andrew,
Thanks for your question.  Most evangelical Protestant Christians believe in 'sola scriptura,' (scripture only), which says that you don't need works of any kind, that Faith alone can save you.  It's a belief that Martin Luther popularized:  see  

Of course as Catholics, we believe that works do matter and that along with Faith and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we're made clean and forgiven by our sins by Jesus' disciples on earth, a priest.  As a protestant, you don't have to do anything special but claim Jesus as your Savior in front of a congregation.  There may be more to it, and see the link above.

I wouldn't worry about singing lyrics, honestly and yet,  I wouldn't say that every song is OK to sing, either.   If you want to understand more about how Protestants view the world, go to and get the CD (or MP3 download) by Steven Ray (former Protestant preacher),called Crossing the Tiber.  It's superb and inexpensive ... plus there are a number of CDs on apologetics that might aid you.
God bless,

PS - I welcome both clarifying reply questions as well as feedback and ratings.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Does this mean that going to a rural church in the missisipi delta (that's where they sing gospel) would help me, a non-catholic, come closer to the Catholic Church? One sometimes hear that Catholics should not attend non-catholic churches. What is the catholic view on this?

Attending any church on Sunday will help you build your faith, and yes, if you want to come closer to the Catholic Church, attend a Catholic parish.  

I can't say that you shouldn't attend a non-Catholic church, because I did until 1996 when I made the conversion to Catholicism ... and it was the best decision that I ever made.  Like I said above, attending a Christian church is better than not any church on Sunday.

I found the audio CDs and MP3 downloads available from especially instrumental in my decision to convert to Catholicism, and I'd encourage you to check them out.
God bless,


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