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My question revolves around God breathing life into us, as stated in Genesis 2:7.  My interest is the origin of the life in the breath.  As I read and understand it, as is the nature of breathing, God's breath originated from within him somehow,  and when he breathed into us, the breath carried in it the life we now possess. If I am understanding this correctly, can we say that we all somehow possess life that once existed within God?  I'm not asking for an explanation of how God did this, or how God made our life, but rather I am interested in knowledge about the original location of our life before we got it.
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It is said that God creates everything out of nothing.  That includes our own personal and private life as a person (creation is ongoing in at least that sense).  It would therefore be meaningless to ask about any previous place our "life" has been before it existed.  God creates it on the spot and gives it to us.  It is much like asking for integer multiplicative factors for 19 other than itself and one.  From a research perspective it's all just a "dead end."  Now, God has life within Himself, but there is no clear basis for any supposition that this life of God's would be parceled out to His creatures instead of being made new with each new life.  We have no pre-existence beyond the bare fact that God, knowing all from the beginning to the end, always knew that one day each of us would come along.  And then finally we did.  Even after our life we would have no existence unless God Himself sustained it, which apparently He does if Christian and Catholic teachings have any meaning.  But before our conception there is nothing of us but the bare intellectual knowledge on the part of God that we will one day exist.  Our "life" has no existence for that duration.
The use of the word "breath" to refer to life is something of a Hebraism in that living creatures have ongoing chemical processes of life; dead ones do not, at least not as a whole organism.
Sorry I couldn't help you more, but this really is the sort of question that is.


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