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Catholics/"Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit"


HI there father, I was wondering about the Benediction of Christ, specifically when he says "Blessed are the poor in spirit" what exactly did he mean by that?

St. John Chrysostom, the Great Eastern Doctor of the Church, explains this verse as follows in his Fifteenth Sermon:  "What is this poverty of spirit, but humility and contrition?  This virtue of humility is placed in the first place because it is the parent of every other virtue, as pride is the mother of every vice.  Pride deprived our first parents of their original innocence, and nothing but humilty can restore us to our former purity.  We may pray and fast, we may be possessed of mercy, chastity, or any virtues, but if humility do not accompany them, they will be like the virtue of the Pharisee, without foundation, without fruit."


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